TAG Heuer CAH1110.BA0850 Formula 1 Watch


I just purchased this watch through amazon.com. It was either this or the formula one alarm version at costco. The alarm feature on the other version isn’t very useful so I decided against it. Packaging was nice, came in the tag box and case with manual. I like the look of chronograph watches and the additional feature to stopwatch anything is something i wanted to time rides, drives, runs etc…

Style is up to taste, but I find this a simple casual style watch you can wear with a t-shirt or be formal with a suit.

The two buttons on it are pretty easy to use, one to start/split and the other to stop/reset.

The watch has two main features, one is to tell time, and the other is the chronograph.

For telling time, the big red “second” hand doesn’t move and hovers over the 12 o’clock mark. The dial on bottom serves as the second hand and moves continuously.

In Chronograph mode, the top right dial only moves after you stop the stopwatch or to do a split time. It will move to show the time in 1/10. The large red second hand will start to move once you are in chronograph mode and the left dial will move for minutes. I’m not sure, but I assume if you do something for over 30 minutes, then the dial will continually move and reset at 1minute.

Overall – I’m very happy with it.

BY Bubbles-Desmo

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